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This page is all about Andy Graham's jazz or blues piano/vocal tuition services.

Andy has been teaching jazz and blues piano for over 20 years now, and has had many students who have gone on to becoming full-time musicians or music technicians.

Beginners are welcome, as, also, are those already with a classical background wishing to expand into jazz and blues. The minimum age for tuition is 8 years. There is no upper age limit and mature clients are very welcome, regardless of age.


Unlike many other jazz and blues piano teachers (of which there are very few nationally), Andy is more than happy to take a beginner straight into jazz and blues, with a fast, flexible and (above all) FUN approach to learning.

The lessons take place in the comfort and security of the student’s own home, so no more worries about traveling, the weather or carrying equipment around.


Please note that, due to Andy's traveling time, only certain areas are covered, when it comes to normal weekly lessons. These areas include: Bromley, Beckenham, West Wickham, Hayes, Keston, Farnborough, and parts of Orpington and Chislehurst. Andy can also visit areas futher away to do a half day intensive workshop, or a series of such one-off workshops. Ofcourse, the price would be by arrangement, according to the length of the session and the travelling distance involved.

Traditional classical teachers usually teach from traditional sheet music, with no coverage of chords or jazz/blues improvisation. At the other extreme, those few jazz and blues piano teachers around often teach chords and improvisation, but do not address music-reading skills or music theory. Andy seeks to embrace all of these areas, by teaching both traditional music reading and theory, as well as those jazz and blues areas mentioned above.


These other areas include chord theory; jazz and blues scales; how to do jazz and blues improvised solos; various left hand techniques, including ‘vamping’, stride piano, and various walking bass techniques; how to improvise around an existing written piece in order to ‘jazz it up’, and how to play the same piece in various different jazz or blues styles.


If desired, Andy can also incorporate jazz vocal tuition/singing lessons (for those wishing to sing along to their playing).

The amount of the fee is by arrangement, depending on the type of tuition and level of support required by the client, as well as the time of the lesson, location of the client and traveling time. Please do contact Andy to discuss options.


The tuition package includes all of the teaching materials, including books, CD’s, notebooks and other music handouts, without the client having to buy these themselves. There is also a free email support service, should a student have questions between lessons.

MA (Keele), member of the MU, RGT, UK Piano Register (‘UK Piano Page’) and London Borough of Bromley Register of Teachers. 

To arrange lessons or for more information, please do call on 07765305127, email at info@jazzpianist.me.uk or use the Contact page on this site.

Jazz up your life!

Jazz and Easy Listening Piano

Cocktail Jazz Tribute Act

Piano or Vocal Tuition Services

Why not make your event, function, party or commercial social venue really special by offering your friends, family or clients the ambient atmosphere that only jazz and cocktail piano can create (vocals optional)? (Other styles of piano/keyboard music also available).


This website is the place to be if you would like to hire Andy to play piano or keyboards at your event, function, venue, or as part of your jazz band. You can also hire a small group of musicians.


FREE Introduction Meeting

We understand how difficult to get the right teacher for your specific need in music, thats why we set-up this important initial meeting with the teacher.

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